South Korea roiled by government scandal – Dr. Song Nai Rhee

During the recent election campaigns a friend, depressed and disheartened, sighed, “What a mess we have in America!” “This is nothing,” I replied. “In South Korea, the president is in hiding. The cabinet is paralyzed. Political chaos is the order of the day. The whole nation is coming unglued.” After 32 years of harsh military…

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Election Reminds Us of Importance of Listening

Twenty years ago, I was at a fever pitch of excitement, because college debaters I helped coach had stormed through the national tournament all the way to the finals. If they won just once more, they would be crowned national champions. A few hours later, after they lost, we struggled to understand how such a…

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Prof. Srader Grades Presidential Debates

Professor and experienced speech and debate coach, Dr. Doyle Srader, gives recent Presidential debates a grade. Story from KVAL News: http://kval.com/news/local/local-experts-say-connecting-to-the-audience-and-camera-makes-a-difference-in-debates  

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