What’s New at NCU?

Not me!  I’m not necessarily new to NCU.  I hold two degrees from the University, and I was on staff for nine years prior to moving to the Portland area in 2009.  Now, I’m back!  And I’m excited to share with you the new career development things I’ve been working on this summer.

You’ve probably already noticed the new look of the NCU website.  Isn’t it great?  But have you noticed the new content on the Career Development pages?  We’ve added several new resources and articles to aid in your career decision-making and preparation process.  For example, perhaps you’ve asked yourself the question, “what can I do with this major?”  Well, now there’s a cool resource to answer that very question.  It’s called…wait for it…What Can I Do With This Major?  (Clever, right?)  Select from 80 different majors and view information on the types of the employers who hire individuals with that major and strategies for how to maximize a career with that major.  View the information online or download it as a PDF.  I hope you’ll take the time to explore all the pages on the Career Development website – http://nwcu.edu/career.  It’s the great place to start.

Next, I’m pleased to announce the implementation of a new job posting system – BeaconJobs!  Students and alumni now have exclusive access to jobs and internships posted directly to Northwest Christian University, as well as national and international postings.  No more scrolling through a weekly e-mail newsletter or digging through paper announcements pinned to a bulletin board!  (After all, this is the 21st century!)  Through your online profile, you can search for jobs and internships – including on-campus work study positions – save those searches, mark your favorites, and apply for jobs through the system.  You’ll find we created a few 1-click searches to speed things up and give you quick access to those opportunities that are most relevant to you.  Plus, you can schedule appointments with Career Development, sign up for events and career fairs, and see when employers are going to be on campus.  Link it with your LinkedIn profile and reveal who you already know in that company.  BeaconJobs is your career development connection.

These things are just a few of many new features in Career Development this fall.  Schedule an appointment to discuss your next steps in fulfilling the call God has placed upon your life and the career goals you’d like to achieve.  Your future matters to us!  See you soon!

Angela J. Doty, M.A., GCDF

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