Mexico Mission Trip

Mexico Team

Seven students and three NCU staff leaders had the blessing of participating in a mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico spring break 2013. For many of our students this was their first time going on a mission trip.

The verse for our trip was John 3:30, “He must increase and I must decrease.” While we were there we visited hospices, rehabs, orphanages, a juvenile detention center, fed the homeless, and visited Alamar, a very poor neighborhood, where we passed out bags of rice, beans, clothes and toys.By building relationships with the people of Tijuana we were able to share the love of Christ.

One of the biggest challenges that our team faced was the language barrier. We found many of our students struggling to feel significant, and questioning their purpose because they could not converse with most of the people. However, God is greater. Within a couple of days our students realized that all they had to do was let God be in control. They had the Mexico Teammentality of “What am I doing wrong? What can I be doing better? How can I reach them?”Then they were reminded of our verse John 3:30.  It is not about us; it is about Him, and we need to let Him be greater through us, not with us.  By allowing Him to take control we were able to experience true faith.Whether we were playing with the kids, praying with someone, or siting and actually trying to have a conversation through a translator, we all felt God’s presence. One student said, “I feel like the people of Tijuana

have more hope than I have ever had”.Being in the U.S., society tells us that Mexicans have nothing, and we are so quick to feel sorry for them, but after spending a week down in Tijuana, you can see that God is present in all of their lives and they have more than we could ever offer. They live out blind faith better than a lot of people we know, because all of their trust is completely in Him.

Mexico TeamThis mission trip reminded us what blind faith actually looks like. We finally understand what it means to love people where they are. By crossing that border and treating them as individuals we were able to see the hand of God at work through their lives. We hope to live out our lives just as they are – fully trusting in God, allowing Him to do the work, and praising Him for it all.

–          Mexico Mission Team 2013

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