Nicaragua Reflections – Last Day


Today was our last day in Nicaragua Managua. The week was full of laughter and joy, which touched my heart and the hearts of those on our team. I could not ask for a more incredible time here in Nicaragua. The people in Nicaragua are deeply filled with joy and love; and it’s so evident in their lives. Throughout the week I struggled with an incredible language barrier due to the fact that my Spanish was non-existent. I was so amazed to learn part of a language that sounds so beautiful and majestic. Throughout the trip I struggled with understanding culture and language, but somehow by the grace of God I was able to build incredible relationships with the girls at the Villa, and at the local school we worked at. Spiritually, God was ever-present on our trip and every relationship made was a blessing. The people of Nicaragua are so joyfully abundant and seek helping others rather than themselves. They live out a life of service and prove that life is about relationships and seeking the kingdom of heaven. The last night at the Villa was heart warming because we got to have a fun time of dancing and laughter. Dancing with the girls and sharing heartfelt laughter was a time that was blessed by the Lord. After a sweaty time of dancing we entered into a time of prayer with the girls. This was incredibly impactful because it allowed me to see the universal love of God. The same God we worship and seek in America is the same God who loves and seeks the people of Nicaragua. Although it was incredibly hard to leave the girls that night and say goodnight to them for the final time it was amazing to see God’s encompassing love in them.


Levi Sparks, junior, Vancouver, WA

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