Tech Team Helps Campus Go Farther, Quicker

SteadWhen returning students, faculty and staff use a campus computer or log on to the internet, they will get to where they are going online faster than they did last semester.

“The tech team has made significant upgrades to the university’s servers as well as replaced the wireless network across campus,” said Stead Halstead, MBA ’13, Northwest Christian University’s Director of Information Technology.  “Our goal is to ensure all campus hardware and software operate reliably.”

Halstead, along with tech team members Nathan Fuller ’09, Timothy Werth ’15, and Tom Albrecht, worked all summer to improve information technology throughout the campus.

The team replaced 60 desk computers in staff and faculty offices, installed bigger monitors attached to student computers in the library, replaced all campus servers, and replaced the wireless network, including adding wireless service to new student living quarters in NCU’s Hilyard Street Apartments.

“By upgrading the wireless network, there are now 51 access points around campus where people can get on the internet to do homework, follow Beacon athletics, or communicate with friends and family,” Halstead said.  “The new wireless network added significant capacity and reliability for all who use it.”

In addition to computer hardware and software upgrades, the tech team also installed an upgraded video surveillance system at entries to residence halls and in common areas around campus.

The tech team also manages and staffs the IT Help Desk Support during the year. More information go to


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