Bash-Whisler Bible Reading Contest is Feb. 23rd

The 55th Annual Bash-Whisler Bible Reading Contest will be held in the Morse Event Center at Northwest Christian University on Thurs., Feb. 23, 2017, at 11 a.m.

Delia House-Lopez won the 2016 Bash-Whisler Bible Reading Contest

Delia House-Lopez nudged out Zoe Herron and Andrew Loyd by one point to win The 2016 Bash-Whisler Bible Reading Contest

The competition draws student entrants from across the campus community who select two passages of scripture, one from the Old Testament, to read aloud, and another from the New Testament, that is recited from memory. Passages are required to be at least 12 verses long.

“The Bash-Whisler Bible Reading Contest calls NCU students to let God’s word pour out of their hearts, to ignite it with their voices,” said Doyle Srader, Ph.D., professor of Speech & Communications at NCU and coordinator of the competition. “In Revelation 1:3, John blesses the one who reads aloud, as well as those who hear and take it to heart. At Bash-Whisler every year, we claim those blessings.”

The Bash-Whisler winner reads or recites their passages one more time at baccalaureate in May. All competitors receive a cash award for their efforts.

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