Memorial Day: Womack and Box Present on Bushnell

Northwest Christian University (NCU) President Joseph Womack, Ed.D. and Executive Assistant Jennifer Box will present The Story of James A. Bushnell: In His Own Words at 10 AM on Sat., May 26,2018 at the Luper Cemetery on Beacon Drive in Eugene’s Santa Clara Neighborhood.

President Joe Womack

President Joe Womack

Bushnell was NCU’s first president of the University’s Board of Trustees. He is buried at Luper Cemetery with many members of his family.

“James A. Bushnell came across the Oregon Trail to settle in the Willamette Valley,” Womack said. “Along the Trail, and even after finally settling in what is now Junction City, he suffered immense personal tragedy with the death of his first wife and children due to illness.”

“Bushnell’s story and legacy is one steeped in unshakable faith, courage and perseverance as he rebuilt his family life, while continuing to invest in the region as a farmer, founder of a bank, and the first leader of our board of trustees,” Womack said. “Bushnell’s story is a solid part of the foundation of who NCU and the state of Oregon are today and the spirit of who they aspire to become.”

In addition, Author Linda VanOrden will present on Sun. May 27 from Noon to 4 pm and on Memorial Day, Mon., May 28 from 9 am to 4 pm to answer questions and sign copies of her recent publication: Junction City, Oregon – Memories of the 20th Century. This easy-to-read, 380-page book tells many stories of growing up in a 1900s, Willamette Valley agriculture community. Photographs really bring the stories to life.

Also, the story of The Lost Rescue, written by Daniel Owen, about the wagon train rescue party, will be on sale to benefit Luper Cemetery, Inc., the non-profit organization that helps take care of this Oregon historic site. More than 160 people are buried at Luper Cemetery, 18 of whom came to Lane County on the 1853 wagon train.

Luper Cemetery (also known as Irving or Baker Cemetery) was founded in the mid-1800s. Eighteen of the interred arrived in 1853, by way of the Oregon Trail and the Free Emigrant Road across central Oregon.

DIRECTIONS to Luper Cemetery: From Eugene, take River Rd. north to Beacon Drive, on the north boundary of Santa Clara, and follow signs west. From Junction City, take River Rd. south; turn west onto Beacon Drive and travel about a ½ mile to a white metal gate, on the north side of Beacon Drive. Proceed through the gate approximately 1/2 mile to the parking lot and cemetery entrance. The cemetery may be accessed every day from dawn to dusk by walking the half-mile gravel road from West Beacon Drive to the cemetery. Additional information about Luper Cemetery is available online.

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