ACLP Brings NCU and University of Macau Students Together

American Culture and Language Program group photoStudents from University of Macau were on the NCU campus for the Fifth Annual American Culture & Language Program (ACLP) from June 18 through July 5, under the theme of “Fostering Global Leadership Skills.”

Eight visiting University of Macau students engaged in classes in English language and American culture, workshops relating to global leadership skills, educational recreation activities, and tours around the city and the state. The highlights of the program were the Crater Lake tour (where it was snowing when the students arrived on June 28!) and all of the activities spent together with the NCU students who served as Program Assistants.

In the spirit of NCU’s culture, a primary focus was given to relationship-building, and some long-lasting friendships between the participating NCU students and our students from University of Macau were undoubtedly forged.

This year, the ACLP was also blessed to have the new Master of Siu Pong College at University of Macau, Master Ben Zhang, together with us for part of the program. Master Zhang shared his commitment to continued support for the program, as well as his desire to further promote the ACLP at Siu Pong College (a residential college of University of Macau) so that even more students from Macau, Hong Kong, and Mainland China can participate next year.

NCU students Brittany Brockbank, Cameron Binaley, and Matt Geronimo joined the program as Program Assistants, and University of Macau student Anna Wong received this year’s Kenneth Leung Award for Excellence in Leadership, an award created to honor Siu Pong College Master Emeritus Dr. Kenneth Leung, whose leadership inspired the ACLP, was presented by NCU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Dennis Lindsay.

Dates and activities scheduled for next year’s ACLP will be finalized soon, and students interested in participating are encouraged to inquire.