Piechowicz ‘19 Connects Bear Online to Faith & Family

Gabe Piechowicz with members of the Eugene homeless community near Westside Christian Church.

In partnership with the City of Eugene, Westside Christian Church began hosting a homeless intervention program on the church’s property in January. Through this program I have had the pleasure and honor to grow relationships with several of the homeless community that call the 18th & Chambers intersection (where the church sits) home. One of these is Chris Bear. Better known as “the pirate,” Bear and I became fast friends and in February when he fell ill, one of the other homeless friends passed along the number to Bear’s family back in Indiana. Bear recovered quickly and the small tattered piece of paper with Bear’s family contact on it was lost in the “pile” of ministry on my desk.

As I leaned into the new normal of leading digital worship for the local church, I readied to send out invitations to our 1st online gathering when Murphy’s law hit and deleted my contact list! In exasperation I flipped the “pile” of ministry on my desk. A few regrettable expletives later, I calmed down and there on my desk amidst the mess was that tattered piece of paper . . .

Last Sunday

I reached out and invited Bear’s family to join our online worship. I set-up a computer in the church foyer for the homeless community of 18th & Chambers to use  . . .

God & Murphy:

Bear and his Dad saw each other for the first time in many years. Bear and his Dad worshipped together with the Westside family. I cried.

Yours in wisdom, faith and service,

Pastor Gabe Piechowicz ‘19