NCU Announces Graduation Date and On Campus Semester Start

Northwest Christian University’s (NCU) Spring 2020 Commencement is Sat., June 6, 2020, at 10 AM via YouTube Premiere. All Spring 2020 graduates are also encouraged to participate in the Fall Commencement tentatively scheduled for the Morse Center on Friday, Dec. 11, 2020.

“These unprecedented times require unique commencement opportunities for NCU’s graduating seniors and graduate students who deserve to be celebrated for their accomplishments with family, friends, and their academic community,” said Joseph D. Womack, Ed.D., President of NCU. “Our team is busy working to ensure that the University conducts a digital commencement as close to an in person event as we can make it.”

The Spring 2020 graduating class has 143 graduates, comprised of 74 undergraduate and 69 graduate students. Graduates and their families will hear commencement speakers, their name will be announced as it will be printed on their diploma, annual special recognitions will be made, and the University’s Board of Trustees will confer all degrees.

“All graduates have a special invitation to walk in the December 2020 Commencement,” Womack said. “We hope that graduates will participate in Commencement online in June and in person this December.”

Spring 2020 graduates will receive more information from the Registrar’s office about the June 6, 2020, online Commencement and the on campus Commencement in December.

The University is also preparing to open the campus for the fall semester on Aug. 20, 2020, beginning with student orientation. Staff will conduct regular summer maintenance in a myriad of ways and will work with the guidelines give to us by federal, state and local authorities in anticipation of the students arrival. Undergraduate classes begin Aug. 24.

“The University’s on campus community will observe all health practices as prescribed by Oregon’s Governor’s Office and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to limit everyone’s potential exposure to COVID-19,” Womack said. “Also, as planned, we are transitioning our University’s name to Bushnell University on July 1.”

Womack said the University’s admissions and residence life teams are in contact with returning and first year students to keep them informed about the details for the August orientation, resident hall move-in, and classes. “We have missed our students and can’t wait to have them and our first year students on campus in classes, attending chapel, and participating in student activities,” Womack said. “In the meantime, we pray for good health, those who are battling COVID-19 and other health concerns, our first responders, and the scientists working to find vaccines that will keep us healthy.”