Bushnell University Student Tyler Powell Furthers Career at the Contemporary Music Center in Nashville

EUGENE, Ore. – Tyler Powell, a student at Bushnell University and part of the School of Music and Performing Arts, is currently spending the spring semester at the Contemporary Music Center (CMC) in Nashville, Tenn. This opportunity has offered Powell the chance to further her career in the music industry and expand her knowledge and create unique connections within the field. 

“While I miss my experience at Bushnell University, I am grateful for the hands-on experience and connections made within the music industry that I couldn’t get anywhere else,” said Powell.  

The Contemporary Music Center is an immersive program that offers hands-on experience and training in the music industry. It is a highly selective program that offers students the chance to work with industry professionals and gain invaluable experience in the music business. With a focus on contemporary Christian music, the CMC offers students the opportunity to network with industry professionals, record music, and hone their skills as musicians and performers. 

Powell, a talented musician and performer, was selected to participate in the program based on her exceptional musical ability and her commitment to pursuing a career in the music industry. As a student at Bushnell University, Powell has already demonstrated her dedication to her craft and her passion for music. 

“Tyler is lighting it up in Nashville!” said Dr. Kelly Ballard, Dean of the School of Music and Performing Arts at Bushnell University. “I was privileged to see her on the CMC stage alongside her fellow performing artists and it was pretty clear to me that she is representing Bushnell University in the finest way possible…musically, spiritually, and relationally.” 

Powell’s experience at the CMC will also help to further the connection between Bushnell University and the music industry in Nashville. As one of the leading centers for music production and recording, Nashville is a hub for talented musicians and performers. By participating in the CMC program, Powell has had the opportunity to network with professionals in the industry and make valuable connections that will benefit her career in the long term. 

“While we miss her in our performance groups, we support what appears to be a great decision by Tyler to take a semester away,” Ballard continued. “And she is setting the pace for other Bushnell students who have a similar calling to take the stage and work on their craft.” 

Powell’s training at the CMC has also paved the way for her to secure a summer internship at the center. The Nashville Internship Program is a prestigious opportunity for qualified students to gain real-world experience in the music industry by working with companies that are partnered with CMC Nashville and Greenville University. The two-month program provides students with three college credits and is an excellent way for students to learn and network with professionals in the industry.  

Powell’s participation in the Contemporary Music Center is a significant milestone in her career as a musician and performer and is a testament to her hard work and dedication, as well as the exceptional training and education she has received at Bushnell University.  

About Bushnell University School of Music and Performing Arts 

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