Jocelyn (Aydelott) Hubbs Appointed New Vice President for Student Development

After a nationwide search, Bushnell University graduate Jocelyn (Aydelott) Hubbs ’09, MBA ’14 has been selected to serve as Vice President for Student Development. Hubbs ascended to this position in May after serving in a progression of roles in different departments of the University over a period of 28 years.

The Vice President for Student Development oversees co-curricular efforts that are crucial to the Bushnell experience. Providing strategic guidance of the departments of Student Life (including student activities, campus housing, and student wellness) Campus Ministries, Financial Aid, and Collegiate Athletics, Hubbs’ leadership of the Division of Student Development focuses on the whole of the student experience outside of the classroom. In this role, she also plays a significant role as a member of the President’s Cabinet with the other divisional vice presidents and serves as Title IX Coordinator for the institution.

President Joseph Womack shares, “Jocelyn is uniquely qualified for this role because of her proven leadership and long experience in almost every aspect of University life. A lifetime of involvement in the Bushnell family and a deep commitment to the faith and values that drive our mission make her an ideal fit for us at this time in our history.”

Hubbs holds a B.A. and MBA from Bushnell, as well as a Master’s Certificate from North Park University (Illinois). She is pursuing a Doctor of Education degree at Maryville University (Missouri).

Tell us about your history with the University.

Bushnell is a significant part of the fabric of my family. My grandparents attended here, my parents Jim ’67 and Carla (Gatz) Aydelott (’67-’68) met here, many of my aunts and uncles are alumni. My mom served the university in the Office of Advancement and the President’s Office, and cumulatively dedicated just over 30 years of her life to the University. I actually started my career here before I ever became a student, helping her stuff envelopes as a high school student in her office. My first real job on campus was in accounts payable and then I moved into financial aid where I spent many years. As I progressed through my career, I quickly realized that I wanted to invest in my own education and that Bushnell was the best place to do it. I was a non-traditional student and a working mom at that time, so it took real dedication and commitment. Eventually both my husband (David Hubbs ’03, MBA ’10) and I both completed our bachelor’s degrees and our MBA degrees here.

What would you say to a current college student who is considering transferring to Bushnell?

Students often transfer to Bushnell from larger universities if they struggle to access resources or faculty, or haven’t found genuine community. Here students are able to make the connections they need to thrive personally and academically. For students coming from community college, we are committed to ensuring a smooth transition into a four-year program. We want to remove barriers to degree completion, not make it difficult.

What would you say to a prospective parent whose student is considering Bushnell?

I always wanted at least one of my kids to attend Bushnell because I believe that our campus environment is perfect for students to discover who God has made them to be. We create a space for them to grow spiritually, relationally, academically, and professionally. Bushnell fosters this journey through the college years in a unique way.

I encouraged my children to pursue college right out of high school because it was difficult to focus on

school while also working and raising a family. It’s a privilege to be able to focus on school and have the complete college experience. My son just graduated in May and is now pursuing the Master’s in Sports Management here. It’s special to have a third-generation Beacon in the family.

Bushnell is small enough that your student will truly be known. Their experience will be transformational, not simply transactional. So much development occurs between the ages of 18 and 22, and the decisions students make during these years are critical for a successful transition to adulthood. Some students need faculty and staff to walk alongside them a little closer than others, and most students experience a season during their college journey during which the extra support can make a significant impact.

How do you know if a school is the right “fit”?

When we were looking at colleges for my daughter, I encouraged her to really listen to the message she was hearing while she was on campus. What do they focus on? What do they value? What is the campus culture? I encouraged her to ask hard questions and have crucial conversations with individuals she interacted with to discover the answers to those questions. I watch it here at Bushnell as well. Students tell me all the time that their campus visit cemented their decision to attend, whether they come during Preview Day, for a campus tour, or to meet up with a friend.

How is this new role a good fit for you?

I love being a part of the student experience and I look forward to providing leadership to a very special team of staff members who make that experience so meaningful for our students. I deeply believe in the mission of Christian higher education and how Bushnell lives into that mission. I look forward to being closer to the front lines.

What makes you most proud of Bushnell University?

We work with grace and truth, we love our students well, and we truly celebrate with them the day they walk across the graduation stage. It’s amazing to witness the transformation that happens from the time a student arrives until that special day. To be a small part of that is quite a privilege.

I’ve seen a lot during my 28 years here and believe this is the most exciting time in Bushnell’s history. Campus is expanding in significant ways. Bushnell’s reputation is growing. Alumni are proud to show their kids and grandkids where they attended college, and many of those second and third generation students are choosing to sustain that family legacy like my son and I both did…now I just have to break my mother’s record.

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