Internship Insights: Aly Mirabile

EUGENE, Ore. – Senior Aly Mirabile, a biology major from Eugene, embarked on an internship this fall semester that provided her with invaluable real-world experience. Drawn to the medical field and aspiring to pursue nursing, Mirabile chose an internship with Volunteers in Medicine that allowed her to explore the intricacies of healthcare.  

Her day-to-day tasks at the clinic included checking in patients for appointments, scheduling future visits, coordinating with providers, answering phones, and managing paperwork. The internship immersed Mirabile in medical terminology and exposed her to the behind-the-scenes operations of healthcare, enhancing her understanding of the field.  

As Mirabile navigated the challenges of scheduling availability for low-income patients, she found joy in interacting with Spanish-speaking individuals. Eager to learn Spanish on the job, she embraced the cultural diversity of the clinic’s clientele. Her favorite aspect of the internship was witnessing the clinic’s impact on those who fell through the healthcare system’s cracks. The clinic provided crucial assistance to individuals without sufficient insurance, ensuring they received the necessary medications. Mirabile’s internship not only equipped her with practical skills but also taught her a great appreciation for the importance of accessible healthcare. As she continues her journey toward a nursing career, Mirabile remains grateful for the eye-opening experiences and meaningful connections created during her time at the clinic. 

Mirabile’s internship at Bushnell University illustrates the institution’s commitment to providing students with hands-on learning opportunities. The university aims to prepare students for successful careers by going beyond traditional classroom education. This dedication ensures that students like Mirabile gain theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills to thrive in their chosen professions. 

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