President Womack Leads Prayer Walk Signing in Goodrich Hall

people gathered in a building

EUGENE, Ore. – Last month marked an important occasion for Bushnell University as faculty, staff, and students were granted access to the interior of Goodrich Hall, the 115-year-old administration building that is currently undergoing renovation alongside the building of a new bell tower. Led by President Womack, the campus gathered for a unique prayer walk, during which attendees etched encouraging words and joyful scripture onto the interior beams of the building. 

While guiding the University community through the historical space, President Womack shared that in “standing on the shoulders of our founders, we are thrilled to see new life breathed into this historical space.” The event provided an exclusive opportunity for those on campus to witness the ongoing renovations and updates within the iconic campus building. 

Goodrich Hall, a cornerstone of Bushnell University’s heritage, holds a special place in the hearts of the community. It has served the campus since 1908, housing classrooms, administration, and even the library in the early days. The prayer walk not only symbolized a spiritual connection with the past, but also served as a collective celebration of the journey the building is undergoing, breathing fresh energy into its storied walls. 

For insights on Goodrich Hall and Bell Tower renovation project visit the projects page. 

To track construction advancements in real time, check out the project live stream. 

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