Bushnell Trustee Highlighted on KVAL News

EUGENE, Ore. – Bushnell University Board of Trustee member DeLeesa Meashintubby has exhibited a commitment to living a meaningful life of service, having supported the local community of Lane County for the past two decades. Originally from Arkansas, she and her husband arrived in Eugene in pursuit of a job opportunity. However, their journey for work unfolded into a purposeful and deep connection with their new community. 

KVAL News recently highlighted Meashintubby’s remarkable journey, showcasing her multifaceted contributions to the community. From her role as the executive director at Volunteers in Medicine Lane County clinic to her position as a pastor at St. Mark CME Church, Meashintubby has been an advocate for positive change. 

Her impact reaches far and wide, as noted by Barbara Foster, the nurse coordinator at Volunteers in Medicine: “She loves her patients, and her patients love her. Every day that has a DeLeesa laugh in it is a good day.” 

Duc Vo, the medical director at Volunteers in Medicine, reminisced about working with Meashintubby when she was a nurse. “Everyone just misses her and has very fond memories of her,” he shared. 

One of Meashintubby’s proudest achievements is her work at Volunteers in Medicine, where she has played a crucial role in providing essential care to those in need. “We’ve been a bridge to help those who couldn’t help themselves in a time when it was needed,” she explained. 

Beyond her work at the clinic, Meashintubby is actively involved in various healthcare and community outreach boards, showcasing her commitment to making a difference. She serves on boards such as PeaceHealth, United Way, Lane County Medical Society Foundation, and Pacific Cascade Credit Union. 

In the interview with KVAL, Meashintubby expressed particular pride in her recent role as a pastor. She highlighted the diversity within her congregation, emphasizing the absence of barriers based on race. “They all come in, and we all mingle together because we have love for one another,” she remarked. 

As Black History Month unfolds, Meashintubby reflects on the history she has been a part of and highlights the importance of educating younger generations about black history in Oregon. She acknowledges the efforts of the Reynolds family, Mims family, and the Eugene/Springfield NAACP, emphasizing the need for her grandson to understand the community’s rich heritage. 

“I want him to see [and tell him,] look at these cool things our community has built. Look at all these things our community has done,” Meashintubby shared, emphasizing the importance of preserving and passing on the legacy of the past. 

To find out more about Meashintubby’s incredible journey, you can read the original article on KVAL’s website. 

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