NCU Students Lend a Hand at Project Hope

Untitled-3For many college freshmen, new student orientation is loaded with information and activities to acquaint them with their new school and with each other. But here at NCU, we also provide an opportunity for students to experience, first-hand, what we are truly about. Early in the week, on the second day of orientation, new students had the opportunity to serve in the Eugene/Springfield community, joining several area churches to participate in Project Hope.

Project Hope provides backpacks and other school supplies to families in need and was held in four t locations: Willamette High School, South Eugene High School, Cesar Chavez Elementary and Silke Park.  NCU Beacon students, alongside faculty, staff and upperclassmen mentors, served in all four locations.  The task for NCU students was simple but crucial. Students interacted with families, particularly young children, while they waited in line to receive their supplies. This included bringing games along as entertainment and passing out water.

This event has planted a seed of expectation of their time at NCU. Freshman Taylour Backus said Project Hope “takes your mind off of yourself and puts it on others” and views the day as a gateway into the service she plans to continue throughout her next four years. Project Hope also impacted freshman Josh Higashi. Unsure at first if he was having an impact, he later said “after I was done, I felt a sense of fulfillment and was enlightened as to the needs of the Eugene and Springfield communities.”

All in all, new student orientation was a great opportunity to experience NCU’s valued pillar of service. It’s what NCU is all about as we welcome our new Beacons to the family.

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