Nicaragua Reflections – Joy & Intrigue


Today is the fourth day we have been in Nicaragua. So far, so incredible. For the first two days (Saturday and Sunday) we were blessed to have rain and overcast weather, a big contrast to the 95 degree, 75% Central American humidity that we have had for the last two days (Monday and Tuesday). The weather is a nice intro, but now to the real reason why we are here: the people. Everyone we have encountered has been sooo full of joy, from the youngest niños to the oldest señoras. Being saturated with a people group that is different than me, I find myself studying the people and being very intrigued by the beautiful composition and differences of their faces. Each person’s unique build is fascinating to me, and I love it.

We spent the past two days at a school called Chiquilistagua. Half of the work we have been doing has been with kids at a school and the other half has been cleaning around the school. At the school, we ran two soccer clinics for the girls soccer team and the boys soccer team, both of which are very talented. When we aren’t running a soccer clinic, our cleaning projects have consisted of clearing drainage canals of dirt and sludge, picking up trash, and raking debris throughout the school’s campus. Slowly but surely, we have created relationships with the kids of the school, and it has been fun continuing interaction with the same chicos (kids).

We will be back to the school on Thursday, but tomorrow (Wednesday) we are headed to Granada to have a “culture” day. I love what I have experienced, and I am looking forward to what is ahead. God is good, and it is obvious that this place is a wellspring of life, of which he is the source.


Michael “Miguelito” Buss, junior, Eugene, OR

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