Nicaraguan Reflection – Top 20 Adventures Today


Welcome from Hannah and Kirsten,

Today was our excursion day! We are not great writers, so we decided to make a list of the Top 20 things we did! Hope you enjoy!

  1. Woke up to a beautiful devotion by Gianna (about language barriers)
  2. Ate a delicious breakfast at the Villa
  3. Traveled to Granada (a wealthier city about an hour away from us)
  4. Visited a volcano
  5. Saw lava (that was super cool)
  6. We went on a boat
  7. Visited islands
  8. Hand fed monkeys
  9. We went to a delicious coffee shop
  10. A kid stole twenty dollars from Melyssa while she was buying sunglasses
  11. NO FEAR…Jess and Michael got it back ^
  12. Went to the Masaya market
  13. We bought hammocks, shirts, blankets, picture frames, frogs, and many other things
  14. We tried Mamóns, a Nicaraguan fruit. (Most people did not like them, except Levi…he really did)
  15. We went to an open-air restaurant, which is called a Fritanga.
  16. We ate a traditional Nicaraguan meal.
  17. We drove home
  18. Lots of traffic^
  19. Arrived at the Villa
  20. Hung out with the girls and made some crafts.

It was an amazing day packed full of adventures, and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for us tomorrow!

Hannah Garhoffer, sophomore, Seaside, OR

Kirsten Cardwell, Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach, Eugene, OR




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