Honors Convocation

Student receive awards at Honors Convocation
Honors Convocation was held on Thurs., April 27, 2017, in the Morse Event Center. Faculty members presented awards to outstanding students in each academic discipline. Students who were inducted into professional and academic organizations were also recognized, including new members of the Song Nai Rhee Honors Program. Students leaders of the year were also announced.

Arts & Sciences:

Pi Gamma Mu Student and Faculty Initiates (Psychology)

Calvin Anderson, Senior, Christian Ministry
Michael Buss, Junior, Communications
Trevyn DuBois, Senior, Psychology
Jessica Garner, Junior, Accounting
John M. Hackman. Senior, Accounting
Colby Hanson, Senior, Communications
Jessica Hirte, Graduate, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Marina Irish, Senior, Marketing
Stacey Lewis, Assistant Professor, Accounting
Holly Mathews, Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Brian Mills, Director of Assessment & Assistant Professor Humanities
Leslie Moore, Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies
Nani Skaggs, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology
Alaina Thomson, Junior, Psychology
Alexis Wilks, Senior, Accounting
Mary Ann Winter-Messiers, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology

CLIO History Award– Jonathan Jury, Senior, Teacher Education
Outstanding Psychology Major Award – Chelsea Taylor, Senior, Psychology
Outstanding Speaker – Tie: Chloe Combs, Senior, Christian Ministry & Delia House-Lopez, Senior, Music Industry
Gardiepy-Peloquin Communication Scholar Award – Colby Hanson, Senior, Communications; Interpersonal
Outstanding Graduating Exercise Science Student Award – Samantha Nervino, Senior, Exercise Science
Library Research Award – Elizabeth A. Willet, Freshman, Psychology
ACE Day Winner – Austin Dame, Senior, Marketing

Accounting and Business & Management:

Sigma Beta Delta Initiates

Lynne Smith (ADP), Senior, Business
Peggy Wiederkehar (ADP)
Shari Burkhart (MBA), Management
Nathan DeArman (MBA), Management
John M. Hackman (TUG), Senior, Accounting
Marina Irish (TUG), Senior, Marketing

Frank Paliotta Outstanding Accounting Student – John M. Hackman

Christian Ministry:

William T. Siefke Evangelism & Church Growth Award – Calvin Anderson, Senior, Pastoral
Siefke Preaching Scholarship Award – Chloe Combs, Senior, Missions
Siefke Potential for Preaching Scholarship Award – Shivonne Robinson, Sophomore, Psychology
Stone-Campbell Journal Promising Scholar Award – Nathaniel Sutherland, Senior, Bible and Theology
Zondervan Biblical Language Award – (Hebrew) Nathaniel Sutherland, Senior, Bible and Theology
Outstanding Music Graduates Award – Felicia (Delia) House-Lopez, Senior, Music Ministry; Delaney McMahon, Senior, Worship Arts; and Chelsea King

School of Education and Counseling:

Outstanding Teacher Leadership – Samara Eilert, Senior
Excellence in Teaching – Lyndsey Heikes, Senior
Outstanding School Counselor – Jeanette Aguirre
Excellence in School Counseling Leadership – Tim Hauck
Excellence in Master of Teaching – Samantha Orme
Outstanding Master’s of Teacher Leadership – Mark Watt

Student Development:

Student Leaders of the Year

Austin Dame, Senior, Marketing
Samara Eilert, Senior, Teacher Education
Sherry Reeder, Senior, Teacher Education

ASNCU Awards

Professor of the Year – Stacey Lewis, Assistant Professor, Accounting
Staff Member of the Year – Jennifer Little, Coordinator for Christian Ministry
Senior of the Year – Austin Dame, Senior, Marketing

Chi Alpha Sigma Initiates

Natalie Kogutkiewicz, Senior, Teacher Education
Michelle Fletcher, Senior, Molecular Biology
Madeleine Nelson, Senior, Exercise Science
John M. Hackman, Senior, Accounting
Austin Dame, Senior, Marketing

Song Nai Rhee Honors Program Inductees

Colby Hanson, Senior, Communications: Interpersonal
Josh Higashi, Junior, Communications
Allison Keeney, Senior, Teacher Education
Gabrielle Morales, Sophomore, English

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