Bushnell Celebrates Achievements at Honors Convocation


EUGENE, Ore. – Bushnell University celebrated the academic achievements of its students at the annual Honors Convocation on Thursday, May 2, 2024, inside the Morse Center.

Additionally, the Associated Students of Bushnell University (ASBU) presented awards to outstanding faculty and staff members, as well as top-performing students and campus club of the year. Staff, faculty, and ASBU proudly presented these awards. Award winners included:

Bible and World Christianity:

Zondervan Biblical Language Award – Brett Olmstead
Zondervan Theology Award – Emmett Stevens
Robert Sullivan Family Award for Creativity in Ministry – Marlee Heiken
William T. Siefke Evangelism & Church Growth Award – Alexia Krough
Stone Campbell Journal Promising Scholar Award – Kalani Miller
Siefke Preaching Scholarship Award – Victor Hesser
Siefke Potential for Preaching Scholarship Award – Ben Morehouse

Arts and Sciences:

Outstanding Speaker Award – Kalani Miller
Gardiepy-Peloquin Communication Scholar Award – Spencer Hoffman
Outstanding Graduating Exercise Science Student – Adrienne Mai
Outstanding Psychology Major – Kaitlin Cook

Pi Gamma Mu Initiates

  • Madison Bender
  • Brooklyn Cahoon
  • Kaitlin Cook
  • Joelle Corzine
  • Ruby Daniels
  • Alsea Diffenderfer
  • Daniel Furman
  • Aaron Gold
  • Alyssa Gonzales
  • Melissa Hall
  • Isabella Hernandez
  • Rosemary Hoy
  • Mikel Jacobo
  • America Jeffreys
  • Kelse LeRoy-Gomez
  • Harmony Simmons
  • Ariel Van Cleave
  • Stacey Wagner
  • Abigail Wammack
  • Sawyer Weybright
  • Matthew Wilhite

Teacher Education:

Outstanding Teacher Leadership – Sierra Janikowski (undergraduate) and Todd Wellman (graduate)
Excellence in Teaching – Mayah Pappas (undergraduate) and KcKenna Brady (graduate)
Outstanding School Counselor – Kristine Herring
Excellence in School Counseling Leadership – Jordyn Ramos

Business, Leadership, and Technology:

Sigma Beta Delta Inductees

  • Tamara Adams
  • Nikola Douglas-Tavani
  • Lindsey Estes
  • DeLisa Gardner
  • Jamison Hanson
  • Elizabeth Hillier
  • Gay Hoag
  • Chloe Kurahara
  • Savannah Marler
  • Jesse Masters
  • Elizabeth Mathis
  • Tommy Mull
  • Josh Neal
  • Halle Neumann
  • Alexander Petshow
  • Benjamin Randol
  • Christopher Rosebrook
  • Linus Rueegger
  • Brooke Silvernail
  • Sarah Slater
  • Dayne Sorenson
  • Jacob Stoner
  • Christian Velasquez
  • McKayla Williams

Specific Awards

Outstanding Business Graduate – Benjamin Randol
Frank Paliotta Outstanding Accounting Student – McKayla Williams
OSCPA Circle of Excellence – Alexander Petshow
OSCPA Scholarship – Jackson Gielish

Student Development:

Chi Alpha Sigma Initiates

  • Kaitlin Cook
  • Sierra Janikowski
  • Adrienne Mai
  • Elizabeth Mathis
  • Mayah Pappas
  • Brooke Silvernail
  • Madison Steelman

Specific Awards

Student Leaders of the Year – Mackenzie Hunton (pictured above) and Jeremiah Reynolds (pictured above)
ASBU Senior of the Year – Justin Rogers
ASBU Faculty of the Year – Christy Silverthorne
ASBU Staff Member of the Year – Amy Reineke
ASBU Club of the Year of the Year – Tuesday Tea @ 2

Song Nai Rhee Honors Program Inductees

  • Kalanie Miller
  • Benjamin Randol
  • Jessica Woods

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