Pacific Islander Club Launched!

Aloha, Talofa, Mālō e lelei, ‘Iorana, ‘Ia ora na, Kia Ora, Bula Vinaka, Kumasta, and Hello!

With a growing student population representing cultures of Hawai’i, Marshall Islands, American Samoa, Tonga, and other Pacific Islands, a Pacific Islander Club has been organized for students to share the region’s cultural richness with the campus and with each other.

Dylan Silva and Sera Tyrell

Dylan Silva (left) and Sera Tyrell (right)

“We want to help everyone learn more about the diversity that is found in the Pacific Islands. I didn’t know any of the other students from Hawaii before coming to NCU but this club is a great way for us to share the love that is rooted deeply in the Polynesian culture. We welcome all students to join us!” said Sera Tyrell, a sophomore, psychology major from Halawa Valley on Oahu, who is co-president of the organization.

The Pacific Islander Club meets every other week during the semester. The meetings consist of sharing food from the Islands, discussion of culture and everyday life as well as how to manage the opportunities and challenges with attending school many miles away from home.

“This club is more than just hanging out, because it has a purpose. We are hoping to change the misconception about who is Hawaiian and who is from Hawaii. This club is an avenue to share the heritage represented in each student from Hawaii or the Pacific Islands,” said Dylan Silva, a sophomore majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, from the east side of Oahu, who is the club’s other co-president. “Even though someone from Oregon is an Oregonian, it doesn’t work the same way in Hawaii. Not everyone from Hawaii is Hawaiian. I am a quarter Hawaiian but there are so many other cultures expressed in the state of Hawaii, this is our opportunity to learn about them all.”

The first meeting this semester is Feb., 13, 2019, at 4 pm in L203. Members and attendees will sample Li Hing powder, learn the Hawaiian alphabet, and learn about Hawai’i’s history.