Ogden Wakes Up On Today Show

Imagine waking up to see yourself and your sister on national television!  Camille Ogden, Bushnell University’s Director of Annual Giving, had that happen Thursday morning, Oct. 8, 2020.

Today Show hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager showed the nation a mobile phone video of Camille and her sister and best friend, Deidra, reuniting since the COVID-19 pandemic has kept the two apart for 15 months, including delaying Camille from meeting her new nephew.

“I think we both hope this video is a reminder that our connections to those we love is sacred,” Camille said.  “No amount of chaos can uproot it. And we hope it inspires others to make that call, buy those tickets, take that drive to see those that matter most to you.”

Camille’s visit was prompted by her birthday. Along with other family members, the visit from Camille’s home in Oregon to Deidra’s in Massachusetts was kept a surprise, which added to the emotional reunion between the two.

“Deidra’s reaction was the best,” Camille said. “I think her scream, our laughs and tears overwhelmed and surprised us both. We both really, really needed this.”

The sisters believed the video would be appreciated by family and friends back home in the Northwest. After, the video went viral after it was posted on the women’s personal social media sites and then picked up by The Good News Movement and then Today.

“We talk everyday, so pulling this off was not easy,” Camille said. “She is the best sister, friend, mom, daughter–person. I couldn’t have wished for a better gift than to spend my birthday with her and family.”

Watching Camille and Deidre’s reunion will bring a smile to anyone who longs to see their distant family and friends, and reminds us all to call, Zoom, Skype, text, and write those we love across town or across the country.  Watch the video here.