Bushnell University Student Kyle Foss Leads Christ-Centered Small Group, Making Positive Impact on Campus Community

EUGENE, Ore. – Bushnell University student and small group leader Kyle Foss is making a difference in the lives of his peers by providing a Christ-centered environment for all who are part of his group. Foss’s goal is to help people cultivate a community of Jesus followers and bring them closer to Christ. 

“Kyle’s boldness in faith and warm hospitality are noticeable immediately but one aspect of Kyle that makes him a leader on campus is his willingness to grow,” said Matt Geronimo, Coordinator for Campus Ministry at Bushnell University. “Kyle’s willingness has formed him to be more like Christ and in doing so, has made him accessible to students who are hungry for depth and practice in their Christian faith.” 

As a small group leader, Foss recognizes that managing time during meetings can be challenging. However, he emphasizes the importance of having a plan and being open to the Spirit’s guidance. Foss believes that the best part of leading a small group is the bonds that grow between each member, turning them into a family. 

“Kyle calls his fellow students to a life committed to and enriched by relationship with Christ through holding them to prayerful practices so that they grow connected to the Lord,” added Geronimo. 

Foss’s calling to bring people closer to Christ is what led him to become a small group leader. He believes being involved in people’s lives and helping them as much as possible is a great way to fulfill his calling. Foss encourages others who are considering becoming small group leaders to pray for guidance and get a co-leader for feedback and help. He stresses the importance of always asking the Lord what He wants to do, as He is the One who works and produces fruit. 

Kyle Foss is an exemplary leader at Bushnell University, and his dedication to providing a Christ-centered environment for his small group members is admirable. His desire to help people cultivate a community of Jesus’ followers and bring them closer to Christ is inspiring. We are proud to have him as a student and leader at Bushnell University. 

“Kyle’s passion for the Lord and for people to experience life with God is bold, magnetic, and deep,” said Geronimo. “The faithfulness that I’ve seen Kyle develop has led him to places of growth, of leadership, and it empowers him to bring to others an honest warmth of following Christ.” 

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