Coding, Worship, Dogs, Tourism, Mental Health – Academic Creativity and Excellence Day at Bushnell University

EUGENE, Ore. – Bushnell celebrated their end of the semester event Academic Creativity and Excellence Day, better known around campus as ACE Day. During ACE Day students present topics that they have spent the semester doing research on and ones they are passionate about to share with their fellow students and faculty. This year over 60 different presentations were given across various majors. ACE Day was founded by Dr. Tim Bergquist to encourage students to share their passions with the Beacon community. This semi-annual event is one our campus community looks forward to every year because of the hard work and efforts of student presenters.

Dr. Reed Mueller, Vice President for Academic Affairs commented about the significance of ACE Day for Bushnell University. “ACE Day is one of the very best days of each academic year. Our students shine as they share the culmination of their scholarship across the many domains of study at the University. Presenters add to the ongoing campus effort toward the discipleship of the mind, which leads to wise and faithful service in the world.”

There are various ways students choose to present, but most are done through posters of lecture style depending on the class. Students that are apart of Bushnell’s Song Nai Rhee Honors program also give reports on their honor contracts. A panel of Bushnell faculty and staff review the research projects.

Senior capstone projects included Isaac Johnston “Worship: The Key to Spiritual Formation and the Heart of Discipleship”, Rebecca Kuskie “Cognitive Differences Between Bilingual and Monolingual Children”, Mason Delamarter “A deep dive of major communication trends throughout the last 15 years”, a presentation for BUS 207, an analysis on Bushnell’s cafeteria food, and various other unique topics.

You can read all the presentation abstracts here.

This year ACE day was coordinated by Mitchell Davis, Senior Academic Advisor at Bushnell. Mitchell said, “It has been an honor to coordinate ACE Day this year. ACE Day is an incredible opportunity for our campus to celebrate academic excellence. I get a unique vantage point as I read every presentation abstract that gets submitted, providing me with a glimpse of the knowledge that will be shared. Thank you to Dr. Ryan Melton, Adam Duprez, Tiffany Boss, Christi Cameron, Lucas Pauly and our facilities team for their support in the planning and execution of ACE Day in the fall and spring.”

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