Q and A with Bushnell Missionary Students Brooklyn Cahoon and Justin Rogers

Brooklyn Cahoon and Justin Rogers are current students at Bushnell University and have just left on their respective mission trips. In this Q&A, they share what called them to be a part of a mission trip and what they look forward to during their experience.


Where will you be traveling to & what will you be doing? 

Cahoon: I will be going to Cambodia with seven students and two leaders (Troy Dean & Nani Skaggs). We will be partnering with AIM – Agape International Missions in pursuit of human trafficking prevention and rehabilitation. We will be showing God’s love to the children, running games, creating crafts, worshiping and spending intentional time with them and the other individuals we travel to.

Rogers: I am traveling to Mexico, specifically Tijuana, to partner with Amor to help build houses for those in need.

In what ways do you feel called to go on a mission trip? 

Cahoon: I have felt called to go on a mission trip for five years now, however, something has always stopped me from going. When I heard about Cambodia and the reasoning behind the trip, I knew I needed to go. I have a deep passion for children’s ministry, and in my hometown, I was the founder of the FAITH Project (Florence Against Ignoring Trafficked Humans), so I have a background in spreading awareness about human trafficking. This also goes hand in hand with my major and career goals, so I felt God calling me to go and He is providing a way.

Rogers: I feel called to serve on a mission trip because I feel there is more than my nearby neighbors that I can serve and help.

What are you looking forward to the most during your trip? 

Cahoon: I am looking forward to the way my faith and understanding will grow. I am so excited to establish relationships with the people in Cambodia and see how God is working in their lives. I’m looking forward to fully opening up my mind and heart to everything this mission trip will teach me.

Rogers: I am looking forward to bonding with my fellow mission students as we go to serve those less fortunate than ourselves.

What is one thing that scares you about this experience? 

Cahoon: On a lighter note, I am a bit nervous about adapting to the cuisine of the country. I normally stick to my comfort foods so this will be a big step for me. On the other hand, I am interested to see how my views will change about how fortunate we are in the US based on my experiences in Cambodia, along with the testimonies and stories I will hear during my time there. Overall, I am honored to be a part of this team and mission. I am so excited to see how God will grow me and my team.

Rogers: One thing that scares me about the experience is the possible language barrier, that I might not be able to build relationships with those we are serving. 

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