Two Faculty Members Receive Emeritus Status

EUGENE, Ore. – Bushnell University is proud to announce that two longtime faculty members, Dr. Dennis Lindsay and Dr. Mick Bollenbaugh, were awarded emeritus status at the conclusion of the 2022-23 academic year in recognition of their many years of dedicated service to the university. 

Dr. Lindsay retired from his position as Bushnell’s Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty at the end of the last academic year after 22 years of teaching and academic leadership at Bushnell. During his tenure, Dr. Lindsay made significant contributions to the university, shaping Bushnell’s ever-expanding curriculum, and refining the integration of faith and learning in every field of study. He was known for his passion for leadership and his dedication to teaching, which had a lasting impact on his students and colleagues alike. 

Dr. Bollenbaugh, who just recently retired from his position as a professor of philosophy and biblical studies at the end of this academic year, taught at Bushnell for 29 years. Dr. Bollenbaugh’s commitment to both his students and his field of expertise is truly remarkable. As an educator, he has inspired countless students through his dedication to providing an enriching academic experience. Moreover, his extensive body of work, including numerous publications and writing, is a testament to his passion and expertise in academics. 

“The faculty and administration are pleased to honor Dr. Lindsay and Dr. Bollenbaugh with emeritus status,” said Dr. Reed Mueller, VP for Academic Affairs at Bushnell University. “Their dedication to the institution spans decades and their teaching and contributions to their respective fields have been truly outstanding. They are both deserving recipients of this honor, and we are grateful for their many years of service to the university.” 

Bushnell University president, Dr. Joseph Womack, echoed Mueller’s sentiments, stating, “Dr. Lindsay and Dr. Bollenbaugh have made lasting contributions to Bushnell University and have inspired countless students and colleagues throughout their careers. Their passion for teaching and their commitment to excellence have been a model for all of us. We are proud to award them emeritus status and wish them all the best in their retirement.” 

Dr. Lindsay and Dr. Bollenbaugh join a distinguished list of Bushnell faculty members who have been awarded emeritus status. Their legacy will continue to inspire future generations of students and faculty members, and their contributions will be remembered for years to come. Here is the complete list of faculty emeriti: 

Timothy M. Bergquist, Ph.D.
Steven Goetz, Ph.D.
John Hakes, M.A.
Ronald E. Heine, Ph.D.
Michael Kennedy, D.B.A.
George Knox, S.T.D.
LeRoy L. Lane, Ph.D.
Anne Maggs, MBA
Ernest Mathes, D.Min.
Margaret Sue Rhee, M.L.S.
Song Nai Rhee, Ph.D., Ph.D.
Chuck Sturms, M.A.  

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