From Internship to Career: McKayla Williams


EUGENE, Ore. – Bushnell senior McKayla Williams’s journey at Houck Evarts & Company LLC began with a spark of enthusiasm, transforming her internship into a thriving career. Hailing from Atwater, California, she ventured to Oregon in pursuit of education, finding her niche at Bushnell University’s School of Business, Leadership and Technology. Double majoring in accounting and business, Williams’s dedication shone through. Her journey led her to the firm’s doorstep before the 2022 tax season, where she embarked on a transformative internship. 

Under the guidance of seasoned professionals, Williams honed her skills, delving into diverse realms from real estate to sports finance, even navigating the intricacies of banking. Embracing her role with dedication, she seamlessly transitioned into the tax department, earning her spot as a staff accountant on June 1, 2023. 

In the words of her accounting professor Shelly Hartzell, M.S.M., “McKayla epitomizes the spirit of relentless curiosity and tenacity. Her commitment to learning is awe-inspiring, and I have no doubt she will carve a path of excellence in the world of accounting.” 

Balancing her role at the firm with her academic pursuits, Williams set her sights on a grander horizon – the coveted title of Certified Public Accountant. Her ambition, paired with a genuine love for her work, fueled her desire for hands-on experience. During this past summer, she was offered a full-time position after she graduates at the end of this semester in May, marking a significant milestone in her promising career. 

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