From My Point of View

Written by Glenda (McBride) Hopkins ’60

Dear Christian friends,

I am a graduate of Northwest Christian College (now Bushnell University) and have been forever thankful for the foundation which was laid during my years spent there. Faculty and staff saw talents and gifts which I never recognized in myself and their encouragement enabled me to use and enjoy these talents during my college years and for many years to follow. Acceptance by fellow students made clear that, while academic success might be valued, loving others as Jesus taught us to do was far more valuable.

When changes began occurring at the University, I shared concerns with other alumni and must admit that some of those changes were initially difficult to accept. However, without them the school would have likely disappeared. While the name has changed, it is apparent that its core purpose has not. The latest Beacon magazine contained a message of strong Christian faith and of the encouragement to use our God-given talents as His people in this confused and needy world. Thank you for continuing this important work.


Glenda (McBride) Hopkins ’60