Illuminating Pathways of Education at Bushnell University

EUGENE, Ore. – In Bushnell University’s School of Education, Aly Nestler, Ph.D., helps shape the future of education in myriad and profound ways. As an adjunct professor, her impact ripples through her students, who go out into the community to teach and inspire young minds in the classroom. As a demonstrated expert in educational assessment and evaluation, she also supports the education program as it applies for national accreditation. Nestler’s dedication to education is evident through her significant contributions to Bushnell’s education programs and to her continuing pursuit of knowledge and expertise. 

Nestler’s journey began at the University of Oregon, where she delved into the intricacies of educational studies and special education. Her thirst for knowledge led her to Pacific University, where she earned a Master of Teaching and a Master of Education focused on Reading Intervention and English as a Second Language instruction. Throughout her illustrious career, she honed her skills in the classrooms of Springfield Public Schools, dedicating nearly a decade to teaching grades 1-3. Her deep commitment to literacy instruction became the driving force behind her career choices, rooted in the belief that “literacy instruction is central to the civil rights of students.” 

Motivated by her conviction that “education is the bedrock of a functioning democracy,” Nestler transitioned into higher education armed with a doctorate in Education and Leadership. Her academic prowess, combined with practical experience, positions her uniquely as an educator. Nestler’s role as a continuous improvement specialist allowed her to work directly with educators, mirroring her responsibilities as an adjunct professor. In the classroom, she seamlessly blends scholarly knowledge with practical insights, ensuring her courses resonate deeply with her students through adult learning principles. 

Nestler’s influence extends far beyond the classroom. She played a pivotal role in the development of Bushnell University’s Reading Interventionist Endorsement Program, infusing it with her expertise and passion for literacy. Her teaching methodology, rooted in a blend of theory and practice, nurtures educators who are not just well-informed but also adept at applying their knowledge in real-world scenarios. Moreover, Nestler’s keen insights in data analysis have been instrumental in shaping accreditation reports, ensuring Bushnell maintains its high standards of educational excellence.  

In carrying this excellence forward, Nestler offers advice that extends well beyond the classroom: “Embrace the continuous improvement mindset ‘possibly wrong, definitely incomplete’” and recognize that our daily actions are “of tremendous value and importance” to those around us, whether they be students or community members. “Embrace the idea of starting small, and improving what is in your sphere of influence.” By focusing beyond ourselves on others and by improving our skills through learning-by-doing, we can positively shape the lives of those around us. With her determined dedication and innovative spirit, Nestler continues to shape future educators at Bushnell University, illuminating the pathways of education and ensuring a bright future for her students. 

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