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EUGENE, Ore. – Amanda Torres-Sanchez, a senior interdisciplinary major at Bushnell University, recently fulfilled a long-held dream inspired by her high school involvement in the “Kids Helping Kids” program, a pageant-style fundraiser benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). The CMN supports pediatric care in communities across the United States and Canada. 100% of funds raised in the local community stay in our five local counties, directly benefitting children and families treated at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend in Springfield, OR.   

Torres-Sanchez’s passion for philanthropy led her to organize a successful silent auction during high school, creating a lasting connection with CMN. This dedication culminated in an internship with CMN last fall. 

Torres-Sanchez’s journey involved years of volunteering and skill development, with her coordinator at Thurston High School facilitating a connection with CMN. During her internship, she focused on event coordination, managing tasks such as a golf tournament fundraiser and a Tiffany’s fundraiser luncheon. She excelled in event preparation, signage creation, and poster design using tools like Canva. Additionally, she interviewed development directors from other hospitals to enhance CMN’s initiatives. 

headshot of femaleParticipating in weekly staff meetings, Torres-Sanchez engaged in discussions about collaborations and partnerships, including an ongoing one with Bo Nix, which helps raise support and awareness for PeaceHealth Sacred Heart in Eugene, Ore. Her internship provided a diverse experience, offering insights into the multifaceted world of development work. Torres-Sanchez expressed gratitude for the opportunity to witness day-to-day operations and gain a professional perspective on workplace dynamics. 

Reflecting on her future career, Torres-Sanchez highlighted how the internship prepared her for a dynamic work environment, reinforcing her interest in development. “This internship really allowed me to see the day-to-day of what working in development is like. I got to see that every day is different which is something that I do enjoy.”  

The experience served as a stepping stone towards her goal of working in the non-profit sector. Her favorite part of the internship was delving into CMN’s mission, inspired by touching stories of children like Finley, a two-year-old who underwent 19 surgeries in her first 18 months of life. Witnessing Finley’s transformation into a thriving, healthy toddler has fueled Torres-Sanchez’s commitment to the mission of CMN and inspires her to continue making a difference in the lives of children in her community. 

As Torres-Sanchez pursues her passion for philanthropy and development, her CMN internship equipped her with practical skills and a profound understanding of charitable work’s impact. Her dedication serves as a testament to individuals committed to making a positive difference. To learn more about the impactful work at Children’s Miracle Network, visit 

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