Bushnell Students Partner with Filmmaker Brett Smith to Promote Freedom’s Path

EUGENE, Ore. – Bushnell students got the unique experience to help promote a new movie. Freedom’s Path, written, directed, and produced by Brett Smith, tells the story of a freed slave and a soldier overcoming differences and becoming close like brothers. Set during the time of the Civil War Brett hopes to highlight parts of the War usually not shown in other films set during the time period.  

Smith initially contacted Assistant Professor of Marketing Christy Silverthorne about having some Bushnell students help in the marketing of the film. “I was excited to connect the students with Smith because it would give them some real-world experience in marketing and promoting this important film,” said Silverthorne. “I was extremely impressed by their professionalism and creativity in their marketing campaign. They went above and beyond in every way.”  

Bushnell students played a huge role in the behind-the-scenes. Students were asked and capitalized on aiding in certain promotion and advertising aspects of the movie. Santiago Galindo, one of the students who helped with promoting the movie, said about his experience, “I got the chance to work with an incredible Director and through social media, to bring awareness and help promote this film. It was amazing working with Brett even for just a couple of days and being part of something so special and so unique.” 

Freedom’s Path was the winner of multiple film festival awards and made its theatrical debut in February.  

Director Brett Smith was featured on KEZI news where he thanked the Bushnell students for their help promoting the film locally. You can see the full story here.  

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