Internship Insights: Jessica Woods

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EUGENE, Ore. – Jessica Woods, a senior business administration major at Bushnell University, chose her fall internship at Harvest House, a local publishing company, because she has always been fascinated with the world of books and publishing. This curiosity can be traced back to her childhood, when her love for reading ignited a dream to be part of the publishing industry.

With little knowledge of the inner workings of a publishing house, Woods’ curiosity led her to seek internship opportunities aligned with her passion. Drawing from the recommendations of her professor and a friend who had previously interned at Harvest House, she embraced this opportunity to broaden her career expertise.

During her internship at Harvest House, Woods found herself immersed in a myriad of tasks, reflecting the dynamic nature of the publishing industry. Working across different teams responsible for various publications, Woods honed her skills in editing, marketing, and professional communication. From editing manuscripts to creating presentations, her diverse workload provided invaluable insights into the multifaceted world of publishing.

Woods’ internship experience at Harvest House served as a springboard for her future career aspirations. Reflecting on her journey, she expressed gratitude for the opportunity to develop essential skills and gain a professional perspective on workplace dynamics. “No matter where I go,” she emphasized, “the skills that I learned here will be invaluable.”

Female student standing against wall in front of signsAmidst the professional growth, Woods found fulfillment in the supportive community at Harvest House. Surrounded by like-minded individuals who shared her faith and passion for publishing, she cherished the camaraderie and collaboration fostered within the organization.

As Woods prepares to graduate, her internship at Harvest House stands as evidence of the power of hands-on experiences. Through dedication, adaptability, and a passion for her craft, she has not only gained valuable skills but also built connections and community. As she looks to the next chapter of her journey, her internship at Harvest House serves as a reminder of the vast opportunities that are created by following our passions and connecting with others in community.

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