Purposeful Entrepreneurship

Courtney Berg ’19 has paved her entrepreneurial path through her business acumen and passion for online ventures. As a business administration major at Bushnell University, Berg’s career journey was driven by her fascination with the online business industry, aligning perfectly with the evolving market trends both in the US and globally. Her motivation toward business was cultivated in her acquisition of Super Exercise Band, an online business selling exercise bands. In this Q&A, Berg shares insights into her role as President at Super Exercise Band and how Bushnell University played a pivotal role in her journey.

What drew you to your career in your industry and your current role at Super Exercise Band? 

As a business administration major I had always been enthralled by online business. It is on par with the direction of our current market in the USA and around the world today. I acquired Super Exercise Band my Senior year of college. As the owner and President of the company I believe the Lord ultimately led me to the current role I now possess. Specific to the industry it touches on major interests and passions for me, such as fitness as a lifestyle, mobility and flexibility in schedule, and ecommerce is only going to continue to become increasingly more prevalent in our world.

What does a typical day look like at Super Exercise Band? What type of candidates are you and your team seeking, and how do you go about finding the best candidates? 

Super Exercise Band is an online business that primarily functions in two marketplaces. The first being on Amazon and the second being on my own ecommerce website. My company sells exercise equipment and very specifically, resistance bands. Marketing on these marketplaces is a huge part of what I do and that is what leads potential customers to purchase with my company. As for a typical day, it varies and can include any of the following: managing inventory, marketing, customer service, working with third party logistics, website development, strategic planning, and much more!

Why is your job industry so important? 

Business and entrepreneurship are important because it supports the free enterprise system and can provide great returns for a person’s risk and investment.

What drew you to Bushnell and the university program? What are some of the key ways in which the program helped prepare you for your career? 

I was drawn to Bushnell for the Business Program. I was born and raised in Eugene and knew I wanted to stay local for my college education. The intentional and intimate classroom environments allowed for me to thrive in my education. My professors were extremely influential in educating me and I learned skills that I have taken into my career.

With your experience, what advice would you give to students who are about to earn a degree and enter the job market? 

Look for positions that are going to give you the best experience and that are as specific to your field as possible. If you don’t get your dream job right out of college, that is okay! But be sure to position yourself in environments and jobs that are going to propel you forward into jobs you hope to possess one day. One of the greatest assets I had going into business was that I possessed demanding jobs at a young age that equipped and prepared me for my current position. The best piece of advice I can offer is that you should ask the Lord what HE wants to do with your life. If you are earnestly seeking Him, I can truly say he will come through on his promise in Matthew 7:7-8. Seek and you WILL find.

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