Internship Insights: Niamh Taylor-Hughes

EUGENE, Ore. – Niamh Taylor-Hughes, student-athlete from Wexford, Ireland, and member of Bushnell University’s women’s soccer team, recently completed her spring semester internship at the Eugene Metro Fútbol Club. This opportunity perfectly aligned with her interests in soccer and communication and her career aspirations.

When asked what drew her to this internship, Taylor-Hughes shared, “I’m a student-athlete with a passion for soccer. With my major in communications, it’s great to get a balance of coaching and working with young people in the sport. Plus, I get to learn about marketing and event planning.” This unique blend of responsibilities allowed Taylor-Hughes to immerse herself in various facets of the sports industry.

A typical day in the internship included coaching sessions two to three times a week, during which she gained hands-on experience leading training sessions. In addition to coaching, she engaged in marketing activities, including posting to social media, completing graphic design projects, and event planning. “It’s a really good mixture of both coaching and marketing,” she noted, one that helped her develop a diverse skill set.

Reflecting on how this experience prepared her for her future career, Taylor-Hughes expressed that “coaching is something I’ve always wanted to get into. Having this experience, not just teaching soccer but working with kids, helps me understand that they’re still learning too. It’s been great for building relationships.” This practical experience reinforced her desire to pursue a career in coaching while also enhancing her communication skills.

Taylor-Hughes’s favorite part of the internship was the opportunity to network and work with children. “Meeting people has been really cool, and after a hard day at school, working with kids is lighthearted. It’s lovely to have that side of my day as well. Working with young kids has taught me that it’s not all that serious and it’s really about having fun,” she said with a smile.

Taylor-Hughes’ internship at Eugene Metro Fútbol Club provided her with unique experience, balancing her passion for soccer with her academic interests, and preparing her for a future in coaching and beyond.

Eugene Metro Fútbol Club is a top-quality soccer program for competitive youth players in the Eugene-Springfield area. To learn more, visit

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