Internship Insights: Taylor Copenhaver and Kaitlin Cook

EUGENE, Ore. – Last semester, two Bushnell University students, Taylor Copenhaver and Kaitlin Cook, completed their fall internships at Relief Nursery, a non-profit agency that provides mental health, substance abuse support, and prevention services to the local community. Inspired by their shared passion for child development and community support, Copenhaver and Cook embraced their internships with enthusiasm and a dedication to serve. 

Copenhaver, a psychology major who recently graduated in December, was drawn to Relief Nursery by the organization’s proactive approach in supporting at-risk children and families. Reflecting on her decision, Copenhaver remarked, “I really like what they do with the children and the families. They’re more of a preventative and intervention type, which I find very beneficial.” 

Copenhaver’s daily tasks at Relief Nursery involved various responsibilities aimed at creating a nurturing environment for the children. From assisting with meals to engaging in creative play and structured activities, Copenhaver found joy in building meaningful connections with the children. Her internship experience provided valuable insights into her career aspirations, solidifying her interest in working with children. 

Cook, a senior psychology major, was similarly motivated by her desire to serve diverse and underrepresented communities. Drawing from her experience working with children at her church, Cook embraced the opportunity to engage with neurodiverse and Spanish-speaking children, as well as families from varying socioeconomic backgrounds. “Interning at Relief Nursery has given me a chance to serve several communities that are often under-served and under-represented,” Cook shared.

Cook’s day-to-day tasks involved assisting in the therapeutic classroom, playing with the children, and helping set up the classroom. Despite uncertainties about her future career path, Cook recognized the importance of exploring diverse experiences. Her internship at Relief Nursery sparked an interest in researching community resources and their impact on socioeconomic inequalities.

Both Copenhaver and Cook expressed gratitude for the opportunity to intern at Relief Nursery, emphasizing the organization’s flexibility, communication, and invaluable learning opportunities.  

As Copenhaver and Cook continue to pursue their passion for child development and community support, their internships at Relief Nursery have equipped them with practical skills and an understanding of the impact of charitable work. Their dedication to faithful stewardship serves as a model for what it means to be a Beacon. 

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